Data - Employment and unemployment (LFS)


Release calendar

The results of the EU Labour Force Survey (EU-LFS) are available in Eurostat's online database. New results (for the LFS main indicators) are scheduled for dissemination according to a release calendar.

Tables in the online database

Most, but not all, of the EU-LFS data consist of tables in the Eurostat online database, in the theme ‘Employment and unemployment (Labour Force Survey)' according to the following categories:

  • LFS main indicators (a set of specific EU-LFS results which are updated quarterly)

The ‘main indicators' are based on the EU-LFS results, but the data are adjusted in various ways to suit the specific indicator. In general, the adjusted series result from correcting main breaks in series, estimating missing values and reconciling the LFS data with other sources, mainly National Accounts and national statistics on monthly unemployment.

  • LFS detailed quarterly and annual survey results

These series include the detailed results from the EU-LFS. No adjustments or corrections are applied.

  • LFS-specific topics

Data refer to specific results which are not based on the same reference periods or samples as those available in the quarterly or annual domain, and which are therefore usually updated less frequently. Specific topics currently covered are LFS statistics for households and LFS data by region.

  • LFS ad-hoc modules

Since 1999 an inherent part of the EU-LFS has been the ‘ad-hoc modules'. The aim of the ad-hoc module is to provide users with statistics on a specific topic concerning the labour market by adding each year a set of variables to supplement the core EU-LFS.

For more information on the data, especially on the EU-LFS publication guidelines (publication thresholds), please see:   EU Labour Force Survey – data and publication (Statistics Explained).

For more information on 'ad hoc modules', please see:  EU Labour Force Survey – ad hoc modules (Statistics Explained).

Anonymised datasets for researchers

For scientific purposes only access to anonymised microdata is possible under specific conditions.

Tailor-made extractions for tables not available in the online database

Tabulations not readily available from Eurostat's online database can be requested via the European Statistical Data Support.