Data on Income and Living Conditions are extracted from the EU SILC instrument. They are available either as microdata sets or as aggregated data. For more information you can consult our release calendar.

Aggregated results relate to the Europe 2020 indicators (People at risk of poverty or social exclusion) income distribution and monetary poverty, living conditions and material deprivation. The results are presented in the following formats:

  • Main tables: these are pre-defined tables with a maximum of three dimensions where the axes of the tables are fixed;
  • Database: the data are presented in multidimensional datasets and may be extracted in variety of formats. the user can freely choose the information to be presented on each of the axes;
  • Ad-hoc modules: these are predefined tables with standard breakdowns containing data for each annual EU SILC modules.

The indicators used to monitor progress on social inclusion and social protection under the Open Method of Coordination are presented here. Aggregates for the European Union (EU28, EU27 and EU15) and the Euro area (EA18, EA17, EA) are computed as the population-weighted average of national indicators (see methodological note). The algorithms used to compute these indicators are available here:

The Health Indicators used under the Open Method of Coordination are presented in the Health section of Eurostat website.