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Income and living conditions – Overview



What information can I find here?

Statistics on income, social inclusion and living conditions cover objective and subjective aspects of these themes in both monetary and non-monetary terms for both households and individuals. The following aspects of the topic are covered by the statistics:

  • income
  • poverty
  • social exclusion
  • housing
  • labour
  • education
  • health

The main source for the compilation of statistics on income, social inclusion and living conditions is the EU-Statistics on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC) instrument. Additional data on living conditions can be found in other statistical domains, notably population, health, education and training and labour market.

More information on EU-SILC

The EU-SILC is the EU reference source for comparative statistics on income distribution and social inclusion at the European level. It provides two types of annual data for the countries of the EU Member States, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey:

  • Cross-sectional data pertaining to a given time or a certain time period with variables on income, poverty, social exclusion and other living conditions, and
  • Longitudinal data pertaining to individual-level changes over time, observed periodically over a four year period.

EU-SILC does not rely on a common questionnaire or a survey but on the idea of a framework. The latter defines the harmonised lists of target primary (annual) and secondary (every four years or less frequently) variables to be transmitted to Eurostat; common guidelines and procedures; common concepts (household and income) and classifications aimed at maximising comparability of the information produced.

The statistics are available either in form of microdata (limited access, see description of the datasets) or as aggregated data (publically available in the online database).

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