Detailed Average Prices

The detailed average prices (DAP) supplemented existing consumer price statistics by providing price level data of up to 190 well-defined consumer goods and services. DAP have been used to monitor Single Market policies, to analyse price convergence, and to help understand how markets work. DAP results were analysed in the Consumer Markets Scoreboard published by Commission Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers (DG JUST).

DAP presented indicative prices for specific groups of products as an additional set of price data. With their focus on absolute prices  DAP complemented  the measurement of inflation (HICP) and international price level comparisons based on purchasing power parities (PPPs).

The 2015 data collection was the eighth and final exercise. The DAP project has been discontinued given some limitations of the comparability of the results, the existence of other data alternatives for DG JUST and the slow decrease of the number of countries taking part in the project.

The research documents below include data as well as a technical introduction of the project and its limitations.

Consumer prices research (2015 prices)

Detailed average prices are also published in Eurobase:

Further methodological information can be found in the metadata page of the datasets and in the Statistics Explained detailed average prices article.

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