Accidents at work & work related health problems

The need to improve working conditions is a collective concern, prompted by both humanitarian and economic considerations. Create more jobs and of better quality is one of the main objectives of the EU social policy. A safe and healthy working environment is an essential element of the quality of work.

The EU action in health and safety at work has its legal basis in Article 153 of the EU Treaty. Community action is not limited to legislation. The Commission has widened the scope of its activities, in favour of information, guidance and promotion of a healthy working environment by paying particular attention to small and medium-size enterprises.

Health and Safety at Work statistics provide data on accidents at work, work-related health problems and exposure to risk factors.

In order to develop Health and Safety at Work statistics the main partners within the European Statistical System are National Statistical Offices, Social Security Institutions (Worker's Compensation or similar) and Ministries of Labour Affairs.