Reference data

General Copyright

Eurostat's general copyright notice and licence policy is applicable and can be consulted here. Please also be aware of the European Commission's general conditions.

Moreover, there are specific provisions applicable to some of the following datasets available for downloading. The download and usage of these data is subject to their acceptance.  Please see the respective section for more details:


Geodata available:

Administrative units / Statistical units:




Population Distribution / Demography:




Transport networks:


Land cover:







Domains are classified according the INSPIRE Classification of spatial data services. For more information please consult the INSPIRE website:

How to download

The geographic data is provided zipped. In order to work with the geographic data in your GIS please:

  1. click on the corresponding link and save the "zip" file in your file server
  2. extract the file that contains the geographic data from the zip file
  3. If the data is provided in Personal Geodatabase format (GDB - Access database), you can directly use it in ArcGIS 9.2 and other ESRI tools. To use them in other GIS you will probably need to convert the personal GDB to an other format compatible with your GIS

The metadata are included in each "zip" file.