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Frequently asked questions

Access and use conditions

Q.    Which are the rules and constraints for the usage of data for commercial purposes?

A.    Eurostat, being a license holder of the geospatial data coming from EuroGeographics, is not allowed to assign the rights for the usage of data. Our license agreement only covers non-commercial use. Please contact to obtain a license for commercial use.


Q.    Would it be possible to receive more detailed data and/or with a better spatial resolution?

A.    Our license agreement with EuroGeographics allows us to distribute the NUTS boundary data freely at the scale 1:1 Mio or smaller. A better resolution can be obtained only by contacting: Also the LAU2 boundaries can be obtained from EuroGeographics.


Q.    As a contractor of the European Commission, would it be possible to obtain more more detailed data for the purposes of the project?

A.    Yes. As a contractor of the European Commission you are allowed to obtain our most detailed data justifying the request with an official letter of your Project Officer to

Data - Technical

Q.    As user, would it be possible to have tailor-made maps?

A.    Eurostat do not make any maps based on users' needs. You can repeat our or any type of statistical maps based on the NUTS boundaries using our geodata and any kind of GIS. Examples of GIS Open Source Software are gvSIG or QGIS.


Q.    How can I work with the shapefiles that you make available for download?

A.    Shapefiles are geospatial vector data and a quasi-standard in the GIS world. Almost any commercial or open source GIS can process shapefiles.

Release calendar

Q.    When will you release a new version of your data?

A.    Please click here for new updates.