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European sector accounts can be found in the on-line database under 'National Accounts' (see below). These data show detailed economic developments by sector, e.g. for households, governments and industries. They also provide specific information for the whole household sector, such as income, consumption, savings and assets.

Database: Sector accounts

          Data explorer Balance sheet for non-financial assets  (nama_10_nfa_bs)

Factors influencing a household's financial situation

The graphic below illustrates factors affecting a household's financial situation. These can be measured by different sources, such as sector accounts (on all domains) and survey data (one survey for each domain):

Database: EU-SILC

Database: HBS

Database: HFCS

Pour consulter les données provenant des enquêtes sur les finances et la consommation des ménages (HFCS), cliquez ici.

Survey matching

This graphic represents survey matching.

Database: Income, consumption and wealth - experimental