Policy context

EU Forest Strategy

In September 2013, the Commission adopted a Communication on a new EU Forest Strategy for forests and the forest-based sector, which was followed-up with Conclusions from the Council. The guiding principles of the strategy are:

  • Sustainable forest management and the multifunctional role of forests, delivering multiple goods and services in a balanced way and ensuring forest protection;
  • Resource efficiency, optimising the contribution of forests and the forest-based sector to rural development, growth and job creation;
  • Global forest responsibility, promoting sustainable production and consumption of forest products.

The Strategy also includes an objective for 2020, namely to ensure and demonstrate that all forests in the EU are managed according to sustainable forest management principles.

Multi-annual implementation plan

In line with these principles, the EU adopted a multi-annual implementation plan (Forest MAP) with a concrete list of actions for the period 2015-2020. The plan provides for:

Contributing to major societal objectives

1. Supporting our rural and urban communities;

2. Fostering the competitiveness and sustainability of forest-based industries, bioenergy and the wider green economy;

3. Forests in a changing climate;

4. Protecting forests and enhancing ecosystem services;

Improving the knowledge base

5. Forest information and monitoring;

6. Research and innovation;

Coordination and communication

7. Working together;

8. Forests from a global perspective.