The Expert Group on Refugee and Internally Displaced Persons (EGRIS) was formally established in July 2016 with the Terms of Reference approved by the Bureau of the UN Statistical Commission.

The overall objective of EGRIS is to improve international statistics on refugees and internally displaced persons (IDP) through the development of international recommendations on how to collect, compile and disseminate statistics on asylum seekers, refugees, and IDPs.

As part of the first phase of its work, the expert group submitted two documents to the UN Statistical Commission at its 49th session in 2018: The International Recommendations on Refugee Statistics (IRRS) and the Technical Report on Statistics of Internally Displaced Persons. Both documents were adopted at the same occasion. Following this adoption, the second phase of EGRIS’ work, has encompassed the development of the International Recommendation on IDP Statistics (IRIS) and an online Compilers’ Manual – a hands-on guide for the implementation of the recommendations on refugee and IDP statistics.

The endorsement of the International Recommendation on IDP Statistics (IRIS) at the 51st session of the UNSC and the publication of the Compilers’ Manual in March 2020 introduce the third phase of EGRIS’ mandate, which emphasizes implementation of both sets of recommendations - on refugee and IDP statistics. This will be enforced through strengthening of national statistical capacity, by providing support to, and monitoring the application of the international statistical recommendations on refugees and IDPs. These activities will enable the identification of best practices, knowledge dissemination, peer-to peer learning and exchange as well as refinement of areas of the recommendations that require further work and development.

EGRIS comprises over 40 national statistical and immigration authorities, the Steering Committee and around 25 regional/international organizations.

Detailed information on EGRIS’ background and the progress in its work can be found in the reports transmitted to the UN Statistical Commission here.