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Quarterly registrations and bankruptcies

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Why do we need quarterly statistics on registrations of new businesses and declarations of bankruptcies?

Monitoring registrations of new businesses and declarations of bankruptcies on a quarterly basis is highly relevant as it provides more up to date and frequent information on the developments in the economic environment for businesses than the traditional annual business demography statistics. Especially in 2020, quarterly data can provide critical information on the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Quarterly data is particularly important for policy makers and the European Central Bank when responses are needed due to business cycle developments in general, but particularly in the current context.

Why are these statistics experimental?

The current publication on quarterly registrations and bankruptcies is the first one published in the domain. It is based on voluntary data collection across EU and EFTA Member States and it does not cover all EU countries yet. In addition, in several Member States the production of these statistics is not fully established yet. Furthermore, the production system in Eurostat supporting regular production of quarterly registrations and bankruptcies in the context of Short Term Statistics will be in place only in 2021. Eurostat intends to publish these data on a quarterly basis as experimental statistics until 2021, when quarterly registrations and bankruptcies will be covered by the European Business Statistics (EBS) regulation as a mandatory data collection.

How are these statistics produced?

The statistics on quarterly registrations and bankruptcies are currently based on the data received from Member States on a voluntary basis. Eurostat receives the data in nominal values, which are then converted into indices in accordance with Short Term Statistics methodology. In addition, the percentage year-to-year change is used in the current experimental statistics. In the Member States, the data on registrations and bankruptcies are typically extracted from administrative sources.

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