The BNSI celebrates the sixth European Statistics Day 2021 - European Statistical System (ESS)

The BNSI celebrates the sixth European Statistics Day 2021




The BNSI plans to celebrate the sixth European Statistics Day by realizing several activities in order to promote the importance of official statistics and her role in the society as follows: 

1.    Large promotion using different media channels (news release on the website and different electronic media, social media posts) and dissemination of Bulgarian version of the Eurostat’s interactive publication - ‘Demography of Europe’ (will be visible tomorrow - It presents European statistics on the population and looks at different aspects, such as population development, the trend of an ageing population, longer lives, having children at an older age, getting married, and many more.. As we received very positive feedback previous times when we translated other digital publications of Eurostat, we have decided to continue our work to translate and adapt new publications and to update older ones. 

2.    The infographic of Eurostat on number of mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians employed in the EU is translated and published on the BNSI website and to be promoted via social media channels on 20th of October.

3.    The European Statistics Competition 2022 -, is launched. The BNSI in collaboration with the Eurostat and other Member States organizes for the fifth time the European Statistics Competition. The ESC is met with great enthusiasm among Bulgarian students and teachers. More than 4 thousand students took participation in ESC until now. 

4.    Due on the COVID-19 pandemic, the BNSI management has decided not to organised any present events - as ‘Open doors days’ for students, etc.