The MEDSTAT IV project started in 2016 and underpins the EU's cooperation with the European Neighbourhood Policy South (ENP-South) countries in the area of statistics.

The project is for a duration of approx. three years. Under MEDSTAT IV, technical and financial support is provided for a wide set of events such as working group meetings, workshops, training sessions, study visits and technical assistance missions carried out by experts. In addition to active engagement at working level with the ENP-South countries in all events, the project reports on its activities to the Forum of Euro-Mediterranean statisticians each year.

Six working groups covering the different priority statistical domains, as well as a number of horizontal topics, have been set-up and are led by one or more partner countries to ensure ownership.  

The leadership of the Working Groups on statistical domains is as follows:

  • Business register and Business statistics, led by Palestine and Tunisia
  • Energy statistics, where the lead coordination is shared between Morocco (Final energy Consumption, FEC), Tunisia (Energy Efficiency Indicators, EEI) and Egypt (Energy Balances, EB)
  • External Trade and Balance of Payments, led by Morocco
  • Labour market statistics, led by Tunisia
  • Migration statistics, led by Lebanon
  • Transport statistics, led by Palestine

The horizontal issues for which specific groups have been created are training, quality in statistics, gender statistics (where relevant) and visibility. the leadership is as follows:

  • Gender, led by Jordan
  • Training, led by Egypt and Lebanon
  • Visibility, led by Egypt and Tunisia


Last five meetings

WG Title Place and date Agenda
Business register 3rd Business Register and Business statistics Working Group meeting and workshop Lisbon, 19-20 February 2019 Agenda
Quality Meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean WG on Quality in statistics Athens, 5 February  2019 Agenda
Labour market 5th Meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean WG on Labour Statistics Turin, 31 January 2019 Agenda
External trade 3rd Working Group meeting and Workshop on Global Value Chain - Trade in Added Value Amsterdam, 13-15 November 2018 Agenda
Energy Workshop on the Final energy Consumption surveys and estimation methods in the industry and households sectors Valencia, 6-8 November 2018 Agenda