ENP-South - European Neighbourhood Policy countries (ENP)

ENP-South statistical cooperation

In principle, the ENP-South region covers ten non-EU Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia. Currently Syria is not actively involved in data exchange or statistical cooperation activities.

The main objective of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in statistics is to set up a continuing process of statistical harmonization to allow gradual convergence towards harmonised and comparable economic and social data in ENP-South countries and to increase compliance with European and international standards.

Assistance programmes aimed at improving the statistical systems of the ENP-South countries can be regional in nature or country specific (such as twinning projects). The ongoing regional co-operation programme is called 'MEDSTAT IV'.

The Forum of Euro-Mediterranean Statisticians is a high level decision-making body whose role is to steer cooperation in the field of statistics between the EU and the National Statistical Systems of the ENP-South countries.


Mandate of the Forum of Euro-Mediterranean statisticians

The overall mandate of the Forum is to:

  1. Steer the Euro-Mediterranean regional cooperation partnership in statistics;
  2. Support the ENP-South countries in strengthening the capacity of their National Statistical Systems (NSS) to produce, analyse and disseminate harmonized statistics;
  3. Improve the quality of statistics in the region;
  4. Promote the use of statistics for evidence-based decision making;
  5. Identify emerging statistical issues in the region;
  6. Ensure coordination with regional and international organisations active in the region.

The Forum is co-chaired by Eurostat and one of the ENP-South NSIs.

The permanent members of the Forum are:

  • Directors of the NSIs of the 9 ENP-South countries1, or their nominated delegate;
  • Representatives from the European Commission (Eurostat and DG NEAR).

The EFTA Statistical Office and the NSIs of EU Member States are also invited to participate in the work of the Forum.


Principal National Coordinators

A Principal National Coordinator (PNC) has been nominated for each country. The PNCs are the link between the NSI and the programme activities. They help prepare the agenda of the Forum and ensure the coordination and follow-up of the programme activities in their respective countries.



1: all 10 countries covered by the EU's Neighbourhood Policy will automatically be members of the Forum, but Syria will not be able to participate until the situation in the country has stabilised.