Europe 2020 - Overview


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What is the Europe 2020 strategy about?

The Europe 2020 strategy is the EU's agenda for growth and jobs for the 2010 - 2020 decade. It emphasised smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in order to improve Europe's competitiveness and productivity and underpin a sustainable social market economy.

The EU has adopted targets to be reached by 2020 in five areas:

  • Employment
  • Research & Development
  • Climate change & energy
  • Education
  • Poverty and social exclusion
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Europe 2020 headline indicators

Explore in depth the past trends to back up the monitoring towards Europe 2020 targets in the 2020 Statistics Explained article.

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How is your country doing?

With our scoreboard, you can easily get an impression of the situation and developments in your country for all indicators over the last years.

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Resource Efficiency Scoreboard

Monitor the implementation of the roadmap to a resource efficient Europe with our dedicated scoreboard.

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Circular economy

This section on our website presents information on the circular economy and visualisation tools.

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Sustainable Development Goals

This section on our website provides a detailed overview on the SDGs in an EU context, including several visualisations.