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National accounts

National Accounts What is it about?

National accounts are a coherent and consistent set of macroeconomic indicators providing information to analyse the structure of economies and their development over time. The methodology is defined by the European System of National and Regional Accounts 2010, ESA 2010.

National accounts data are used by European institutions, governments, central banks as well as other economic and social bodies for economic analysis and forecasting, policy design and policy making. More specifically, these high-quality short-term statistics are needed to support European economic policy decisions, to monitor the objectives of the economic and monetary union (EMU) as well as of national policies with regards to the Stability and Growth Pact.

What information can I find here?

The data available in this section mainly cover quarterly national accounts, quarterly sector accounts and government finance statistics.

  • Quarterly national accounts include GDP and its main components (gross value added, final consumption, gross fixed capital formation, exports and imports of goods and services, income accounts, etc.) and employment. For more information, see the dedicated website section.
  • Quarterly sector accounts provide a systematic description of the different stages of the economic process: production, generation, use and distribution of income, as well as financial and non-financial accumulation. Data is divided into sectors (households and non-profit institutions serving households, non-financial corporations, financial corporations, government, rest of the world). For more information, see the dedicated section on the Eurostat website.
  • Government finance statistics present an integrated picture of government economic activities: revenue, expenditure, deficit/surplus, financing, other economic flows and balance sheets. For more information, see the dedicated section on the Eurostat website.

The data here are complemented by a small set of annual indicators on GDP, government debt and deficit and main aggregates of national accounts.

Data is presented both in current and constant prices (whenever they can be computed), and for employment in thousands of persons. Price indices are also available. Growth rates are presented in order to show the evolution of the main macroeconomic aggregates over time. Data are available both unadjusted and seasonally/calendar adjusted.

Below you can access the data either using our ready-made tables or datasets. The latter provide some more detailed information and give you the possibility to customise your data extraction. Data is also disseminated via data releases, which are listed as Euro indicators below; please see also the release calendar.

Access to the data via ready made tables (Main tables)

Access to more detailed data (database)

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