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Industry, trade and services

Industry, trade, services What is it about?

Short-term statistics (STS) provide information on the recent development in industry, construction, trade and services. STS indicators provide information on a wide range of economic activities according to NACE Rev. 2 classification (Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community) and to MIGS (Main Industrial Groupings).

These statistics are important tools for formulating and monitoring the economic and monetary policy of the EU and the euro area. STS indicators represent the general economic trend in the form of indices (time series), meaning they show the changes of a variable (production, turnover etc.) over time, but not the absolute amount or monetary value of the variable.

STS indicators are extensively used in business cycle analysis. In particular, the industrial production index has for many years been the reference series for the cyclical assessment and dating and detection of turning points. Moreover, due to their leading capacity, several variables from this domain are very useful in the calculation of leading indicators and the anticipation of future movements of the economy.

What information can I find here?

STS indices cover the following four major domains and their respective indicators:

  • Industry: production index, turnover index, producer prices, import prices index and labour input indicators;
  • Construction: production index, labour input indicators, construction price and construction costs index, building permits indicators;
  • Wholesale and retail trade: volume of sales (deflated turnover), turnover (value), labour input indicators;
  • Services: turnover index, producer price index.

Data are compiled on the basis of the fixed base year Laspeyres formula. The current base year is 2015 (2015=100). Percentage changes (month on month, quarter on quarter, year on year) are also available.

For more detailed information on these short-term business statistics, please see the dedicated section on the Eurostat website.

Below you can access the data either using our ready-made tables or datasets. The latter provide some more detailed information and give you the possibility to customise your data extraction. Data is also disseminated via data releases, which are listed below; please see also the release calendar.

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