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Balance of payments

Balance of payments

What is it about?

Balance of Payments (BoP) statistics:

  • summarise all economic transactions of an economy with the rest of the world; 
  • provide harmonised information on international transactions which are part of the current account (goods, services, income, current transfers) and of the capital and financial account.

For more detailed information on BoP statistics, please see the dedicated section on the Eurostat website.

What information can I find here?

BoP data in this section are expressed in current prices. They are available for the EU, the euro area and the Member States. Data for the euro area are available on a monthly basis, while data for the European Union and Member States data are available on a quarterly basis.

Please note that for the compilation of BoP, responsibility is shared between Eurostat and the European Central Bank (ECB):

  • Eurostat focuses on quarterly and annual aggregates for  the EU28 and its Member States;
  • The ECB is in charge of compiling and disseminating the euro area monthly and quarterly BoP statistics.

Data in this section are non-seasonally adjusted. Seasonally adjusted figures for BoP can be found on the European Central Bank website.

Below you can access the BoP data either using our ready made tables or datasets. The latter provide some more detailed information and give you the possibility to customise your data extraction. Data is also disseminated via news releases which are listed  below; please see also the release calendar.  

Access to the data via ready made tables (Main tables)

Access to more detailed data (database)

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