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News releases

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News releases of the Statistics of the Republic of Slovenia are made public at 10 30 am on the day previously announced in the release calendar.




The Statistical Yearbook comprises a rich collection of statistical data, methodological explanations, charts, review by statistical regions, review by municipalities, review by urban areas and international comparison.


Slovenia in Figures presents all essential data on Slovenia and is basically a small yearbook.


Slovenia 15 years after independence presents selected statistical data and indicators throwing light on the development achievements of Slovenia after independence.


To Slovenia for its 20th Birthday is dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of the declaration of Slovenia's independence in 1991.

Statistical Portrait of Slovenia in the EU presents the European Union and Slovenia's position among total of 25 Member States of the EU are presented with data and indicators.


People, Families, Dwellings presents interesting data on the people of Slovenia and their households, families and dwellings from the first register-based census, as of 1 January 2011.

Brochures Collection on specific topics.


Slovene Regions in Figures presents statistical data by statistical regions of Slovenia.


SI-Stat Data Portal


SI-Stat Data Portal is a rich source of data on Slovenia.


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