LV-Management issues



Operational mandate


According to the laws of the Republic of Latvia, Cabinet Regulations and the By-Laws of the Central Statistical Bureau, the CSB is a direct administration body subordinated to the Ministry of Economics and acting as the main performer and coordinator of official statistical work in the country. The CSB is responsible for organization of statistical work and the authenticity of the data it has produced.


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Implementation of the Total Quality Management (TQM) system and compliance to the principles set forth in the European Statistics Code of Practice is in the list of major priorities for the CSB.

Within the framework of the EU National Transition Facility programme 2005 twining project "Administrative capacity of the CSB" a peer review of the quality management and documentation procedures in the CSB has been carried out. In March 2007, a group of EU experts visited Latvia.

The outcome of the mission is a report that gives an evaluation in the following principles of the Code: professional Independence, mandate for data collection, adequacy of resources, quality commitment, statistical confidentiality, impartiality and objectivity, accessibility and clarity.


In 2006 in order to establish the basis for the TQM, the CSB carried out a self-evaluation procedure assessing its compliance to the principles of the Code, and identified a list of activities to be done for improvement of the performance.


In addition the CSB also coordinated the implementation of the Code in the Latvian Statistical System: developed the arrangement of distribution of duties for the other institutions involved in production of European Community statistics and also is engaged with the implementation of the arrangement.


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Annual Report


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