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Quality Commitment


The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is committed to the efficient and timely provision of high quality statistics needed by society, policy makers and organisations at local, regional, national and international levels.


There is a professional line management structure in the CSO. Units are managed by honours university graduates and report directly to Senior Statisticians, who in turn report to Directors. These is a strong, deep-rooted quality culture in the Office and all staff are mindful of the importance of quality in every aspect of their work. In the recent Eurostat Peer Review, on the implementation of the ESS Code of Practice, of the CSO these values were evident to the reviewers in discussions with internal and external stakeholders. The reviewers stated in their report that ‘The quality of CSO statistics has not been called into question.' They acknowledged as well that ‘further development of more formal quality procedures are currently in hand.'


Quality Assurance and Audit


In order to ensure the continued quality of our statistical outputs a dedicated Quality Assurance and Audit unit was set up in 2002.


The role of Quality Assurance and Audit includes the development of an effective and formal quality management and audit system for the Office and the provision of support in matters relating to the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice. In addition, the unit is responsible for producing a series of Standards and Guidelines on quality of statistical and non-statistical aspects of the Office. These standards and guidelines will form the basis for internal quality audits.

Audit Committee


An Audit Committee, with external membership, was set up at the end of 2003. Three members of the committee, including the Chairperson, are appointed from outside the CSO and three are senior managers in the Office. The secretariat to the committee is provided by the Quality Assurance and Audit unit. Among its functions, the Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing and advising the Director General in relation to (a) the effectiveness of the internal audit function, (b) management's response to issues identified by audit activity and (c) the approval of annual internal audit plans.




Statistical Yearbook of Ireland


The Statistical Yearbook of Ireland 2016 presents a comprehensive picture of Ireland today. It provides detailed information, tables and graphs across a wide range of topics. These include the population, labour force, education, justice, the economy, agriculture, industry, services, prices, housing, and the environment.





Students Corner


The CSO Ireland has tailored its website to the needs of young people. The Students Corner presents statistical details of counties of Ireland based on economic and social themes.


It also provides details of competitions and projects aimed at students.