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Statistics Finland's activity is based on the Statistics Finland Act and the Decree on Statistics Finland.


Statistics Finland's tasks are defined in the Statistics Finland Act, according to which the function of Statistics Finland is to compile statistics and reports describing the conditions in society and to provide for the general development of official statistics in collaboration with other central government authorities.


The Decree on Statistics Finland contains provisions concerning the organisation of Statistics Finland, handling of matters, qualification requirements set for the Director General and other directors, and personnel recruitment procedures.


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Statistical ethics and main principles of official statistics


Official statistics are based upon ethical principles that are aimed at maintaining the quality of statistics and at retaining the confidence of end-users and providers of information in producers of statistics. The key principles of official statistics are defined internationally in the International Statistical Institute's (ISI) Declaration on Professional Ethics, in the decision of the United Nations Statistical Commission on the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and for EU statistics in the Council Regulation on Community Statistics. These principles are also observed at Statistics Finland.


To enhance the quality of statistics and their production Statistics Finland has published a handbook, Quality Guidelines for Official Statistics. The handbook describes the valid legislation and recommendations, as well as the principles and best practices in the field of statistics.


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