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Meet our Director General

Mariana Kotzeva is Director-General of Eurostat. She was appointed by the European Commission on 1 March 2018. She is not only the first Bulgarian Director-General in the European Commission but also the first woman at the helm of Eurostat.

Ms Kotzeva held the post of Acting Director-General of Eurostat from 1 January 2017. She joined Eurostat as a special adviser in 2012, becoming its Deputy Director-General in 2014. Prior to joining the European Commission, Ms Kotzeva was the Head of Bulgaria’s National Statistical Institute. She also held a number of high-level consulting posts in the Bulgarian and foreign administrations, and led international projects for the United Nations and the World Bank.

Ms Kotzeva has a Master's degree in economics and a PhD in statistics and econometrics. She is an Associate Professor of Statistics at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia.



Eurostat's mission


Eurostat's mission is: "Trusted statistics. Informed Europeans. Better decisions. We provide high-quality statistics for Europe."


Established in 1953 to meet the requirements of the Coal and Steel Community, the tasks of Eurostat have evolved and broadened over the years. When the European Community was founded in 1958 it became a Directorate-General (DG) of the European Commission, supplying statistics to other Commission DGs and other European Institutions with data to define, implement and analyse Community policies.

With the development of Community policies, such as the EMU, Eurostat adapted its role to respond to the need for new statistics.

Today, in order to fulfill its mission, Eurostat is committed to:

  • providing the Commission and its departments with the high-quality statistical service needed to develop, implement and evaluate policies;
  • developing a partnership with the corresponding statistical services of the European Central Bank;
  • producing, with the assistance of the European Statistical System, reliable, comparable and relevant statistics covering the EU's areas of competence;
  • disseminating Community statistics to the European public, businesses and decision makers, as part of its role as a public service provider;
  • supporting non-EU countries, particularly candidate countries, which wish to develop their statistical systems within the framework of the EU's external relations with those countries.



Organisation chart


As one of the Directorates-General of the European Commission, Eurostat is headed by a Director General and a Deputy Director General. The seven Directorates responsible for different sectors of Eurostat activities are organised as below:


  • Directorate A - Resources
  • Directorate B - Methodology; Dissemination; Cooperation in the European Statistical System
  • Directorate C - Macro-economic statistics
  • Directorate D - Government finance statistics (GFS) and quality
  • Directorate E - Sectoral and regional statistics
  • Directorate F - Social statistics
  • Directorate G - Business and trade statistics

Eurostat organisation chart - 16 September 2020




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