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Release calendar


Official statistics of Statistics Estonia, such as news releases and e-publications, are accessible to users of the Statistical Database at 8 a.m.


The news release calendar for the following week is issued every Friday at 8 a.m. (UTC+02:00).


For further information:

Please see the Release calendar.




Statistical publications provide mainly analytical overviews. The printed publications are: Quarterly Bulletin of Estonian Statistics, Statistical Yearbook of Estonia, analytical publications and pocket-sized reference books.


All publications are available on the website.


Statistics on smart devices


The "Estonian statistics" application provides an overview of the population, wages and salaries, prices, business, construction, real estate, agriculture, population census, trade, job market, tourism, environment, etc.

More about the application

Statistics map application


The statistics map application is for presenting geo-referenced statistics on maps, dowloading spatial data and performing spatial queries.

The statistics map application mainly contains the data of the Population and Housing Census but also statistics related to the environment, economy, social life and the Agricultural Census.

The application is in Estonian and English.

More about the application

The map application is available at