Business architecture task force

Business Architecture Task Force


What is the ESBRs business architecture?

A business architecture is similar to a plan prepared by an architect for renovating a building. The building in this case is the European System of Business Registers (ESBRs), whose components are the national Statistical Business Registers and the EuroGroups Register. The ESBRs Business Architecture describes in a systematic way the plan of the new system and what has to be done to build it up.

The ESBRs Business Architecture Task Force started from the deliverables of the ESSnet on ESBRs and finalized some of the most important outputs of the ESBRs project, namely the Business Architecture and the Interoperability Framework, along with its implementation plan and its guidelines. The main outputs of the Task Force were adopted in 2017-2019 by the Business Statistics Directors Group.

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All outputs of the ESBRs Business Architecture Task Force are available on the project wiki