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Meet our Director General

Aurel Schubert was appointed Director General Statistics of the European Central Bank on 1 June 2010.


Aurel Schubert has been Director of the Statistics Department at the Oesterreichische Nationalbank since 1997. Before that, he held several expert and management functions within the Oesterreichische Nationalbank, which he joined in 1985 after finishing his university studies. Mr Schubert holds a Ph. D. in Economics from the University of South Carolina and a MA in Business Administration from the University of Economics and Business of Vienna.


CV of Mr. Schubert


ECB's DG Statistics mission statement


The Directorate General Statistics strives to provide the European System of Central Banks and the general public with statistical information fit for use in the decision-making of the ECB.




General activities


The Directorate General Statistics is responsible for developing, compiling and disseminating the statistics, the statistical indicators and the related metadata as well as supervisory data and indicators and the related statistical indicators required for that are needed for the ECB's monetary policy, banking supervision and the other ECB/Eurosystem/ESCB tasks. Moreover, it provides statistical support to the European Systemic Risk Board..


In addition, it is responsible for providing the statistics and the supporting information to the public and market participants.

The main areas of statistical activities

  • Monetary, financial institutions and financial markets statistics, including interest rates and securities statistics
  • Micro prudential data related to banking supervision

  • External statistics covering balance of payments of the euro area, international investment position of the euro area, Eurosystem's international reserves and effective exchange rates of the euro; the Centralised Securities Database (CSDB) and securities settlements statistics
  • Financial accounts for the euro area (including government finance statistics); integrated quarterly non-financial accounts for institutional sectors and survey data of households and enterprises.


DG-S is also responsible for the application of efficient statistical tools and procedures to the ECB's collection, production, management, dissemination and exchange of data, and for the concepts, classifications and seasonal adjustment of the statistics. The main output is the provision of aggregate statistics and metadata relating to the euro area and maximally comparable statistics for non-participating EU Member States and important non-EU countries. Similarly, it develops, manages and applies the data collection, tools, databases and quantitative risk reports for supervisory purposes.




Organisation chart


The Directorate General Statistics of the European Central Bank is headed by a Director General, who is assisted by a Deputy Director General. It comprises six Divisions which are responsible for its various statistical activities:


  • Euro Area Accounts and Economic Data
  • Securities and External Statistics
  • Monetary and Financial Statistics
  • Statistical Information Services
  • Statistics Development/Coordination
  • Supervisory Statistics


Organisation chart (updated 11 March 2014)