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Lidija Brković, the former Advisor in the Monetary and Financial Statistics Department of the Croatian National Bank, assumed the function of the Director General of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics on 1 April 2019. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb in 2003, the Finances course, where she completed the postgraduate specialist study Financial Institutions and Markets in 2014. She started her career in private sector, followed by a position in the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia in 2005, after which she took employment as the Senior Associate in the Accounting Department of the Croatian National Bank in 2007. Two years later, she became the Head of the Internal Accounting Operations Division.

She transferred to the Monetary and Financial Statistics Department in 2013 as the Advisor for Financial and General Statistics, where she worked on the monitoring and introduction of the European Central Bank regulations, assessment of the indicator of negotiated wage rate, collection, analysis and preparation of input data for compiling financial accounts statistics, as well as on the compilation of the general government debt statistics and the government finance statistics. As soon as the next year, she became the Advisor for the Securities and Non-Monetary Financial Institutions Statistics in the Monetary and Financial Statistics Department, where her main area was the modernisation of the Croatian National Bank’s operations by introducing new statistical research, new sources of data and promoting the expediency of new research. She is currently completing the postgraduate specialist study Adapting to the European Union: the Project Management and the Use of EU Funds and Programmes at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb.

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In order to enhance administrative capacity of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the new Regulation on the Internal Organisation of CBS was adopted in August 2020.


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