Building the Future
of European Statistics

The ESS Vision 2020

is a common strategic response of the European Statistical System (Eurostat, EU Member States and EFTA countries) to the challenges that official statistics is facing. It was adopted by the ESS Committee in May 2014.

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"Our ambition is to stay relevant by building on our strengths."

"We will be agile and look for innovative solutions to deal with the many challenges ahead."

"While we aim to retain our strengths we will develop an ESS that:

  • is guided by quality delivering coherent, relevant and reliable statistics;
  • is proactively engaging users and meets their demands in a cost-efficient and responsive manner;
  • is steered by efficiency through collaboration in sharing methods, tools, technological infrastructure;
  • embraces opportunities provided by the digital transformation and harnesses new data sources to produce meaningful statistics;
  • delivers useful and easy to understand information."

The ESS Vision 2020 identifies five key areas in which common action is needed in order for European statistics to be "fit for the future". As agreed by the ESS Committee, the implementation of the ESS Vision 2020 is taken forward by progressing on a portfolio of common projects that is complemented by so called "supporting frameworks", and is steered by a dedicated ESS governance structure.



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