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null Statistics Latvia celebrates its centenary

On September 1, Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) of Latvia was celebrating its centenary, and on 30 August organised a conference for data users and data providers titled "Into the Future – Statistics in Modern Society". Two sessions held in VEF Culture Palace – "Around an Individual" un "Untamed Statistics" – engaged data enthusiasts telling their statistical stories.
One hundred years ago, a politically independent statistical institution was established in Latvia. It served as a link between data providers and data users by producing reliable statistics. The key goal of the institution has not changed since then.
“Along with the economic development and globalisation of the economy, classical methods based on the direct data acquisition do not allow collecting data without excessive administrative burden, therefore they have to be changed. Nowadays, statisticians use administrative data, alternative data sources, web scraping, merging of alternative data with survey results, as well as experimental statistics, moreover our future plans will engage also mobile operators and satellite data. CSB has become a dynamic, innovative institution employing professionals willing and able to face these new challenges,” says CSB president Aija Žīgure.
The conference was attended also by the President of Latvian Academy of Sciences Ojārs Spārītis, UN Economic Commission for Europe representative Andres Vikat, Rudīte Spakovska journalist at Latvian Television, Head of the Latvian Centre of Cardiology  assoc. prof. Andrejs Ērglis, Dean of Turība University Faculty of Business Administration Zane Driņķe, professor from the University of Latvia Signe Bāliņa, machine learning lab lead at "Emergn Latvija" Aldis Ērglis, and software developer at University Medical Centre Groningen Kārlis Zālīte. 
Photos by Māris Lazdāns
CSB president Aija Žīgure receives flowers from the President of Latvian Academy of Sciences Ojārs Spārītis

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