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Slovenia - Food among Waste

"Food among Waste" focuses on some facts about food waste in Slovenia.

Globally, up to 40% of what is raised or grown is not eaten. And yet, one in eight people in the world is hungry and one in three suffers lack of food.

It would be good if we knew the facts, thought about them and acted.

  • In 2015, 151,000 tons of food waste was generated in Slovenia. 
  • According to estimates, in 2015 a person in Slovenia threw away on average about 27 kilograms of edible food that could be used.
  • Almost half of food waste (48% in 2015) was generated by households.
  • Most of the food waste was treated in biogas plants (43% in 2015) and in composting systems (24% in 2015).
  • According to calculations, in 2015 the final consumer in Slovenia wasted food worth on average EUR 163.

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