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Stat'o'book – Statistical Overview of Slovenia 2016

A new Stat’o’book writes new stories. A brief selection of the most interesting data on Slovenia is presented.

Even though with 20,273 square kilometres and 2.06 million people Slovenia is a small country, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia collects vast amounts of data from as many as 21 statistical domains.

Data are important for everyone, be it for their work or simply to improve general knowledge, which is why we want to draw statistics closer to our users. This is the third edition of Stat’o’book. This time, too, we selected the most interesting and topical data, presented them in tables and charts, and together with brief comments transformed them into 22 statistical stories. The chapter on health was prepared in cooperation with the National Institute of Public Health.

Infographic: Housing conditions, Slovenia, 2015. Source: SURS.

Did you know that:

  • In 2015 passenger cars in Slovenia were on average 9.7 years old
  • Households consume 10.1% of electricity for space heating
  • 43% of people aged 16–74 years access the Internet via desktop computers and 53% via portable computers
  • In 2015 people in Slovenia sent about 2.6 billion SMSs
  • Almost 5.2 million tons of waste were generated in Slovenia and that 69% of waste collected by public waste removal services was collected separately
  • 61 TV broadcasters transmitted 218,000 hours of various content
  • That 61 TV broadcasters transmitted 218,000 hours of various content?

The publication is refreshed with some new colours and design. It is available in hardcopy and in electronic format, so that you can browse it on your computers or mobile devices. Both versions are free, so pick the one you like best. Enjoy!

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Release of 20/12/16

Publication "Stat'o'book – Statistical Overview of Slovenia 2016"

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