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Project, Programme and Portfolio management – with an Agile twist?

In March this year a first ESTP course was offered by Eurostat to the ESS members, and provided a great opportunity to really dig into and discuss how we manage our projects and how we can work together better. The course lasted three days during which the 19 attendees went through the entire project lifecycle, from conception to conclusion, with a good look at the benefits and sustainability of the project. One overall feedback was about the usefulness of the Commission's Methodology, PM2, which had just launched its Open Edition and is now freely available to all.

The course highlighted differences in the degree of usage of project management good practices showing the gap that still needs to be filled to work together with utmost efficiency. This is also reflected in the participants'  equest for a follow-up advanced course to further develop their practical knowledge of project management. Building on this years' experience, Eurostat is considering repeating the course – and – if there is sufficient demand – adding an extra day to discuss the Agile approach to project management. Agile project management is mainly used in IT projects (software development) – but not only: any project that has to deliver concrete results in a very short period of time can benefit from using some Agile techniques. However, with no demand, there is no offer – all ESS members are hereby invited to express their interest in having a one-day Agile add-on to the course. The add-on can be taken together with the course or as a stand-alone course. If you are interested in this course add-on, please send an e-mail to the course leader.



For further information:

Contact Eurostat Directorate B - Taskforce Statistical products and services Crista Filip Course Leader

More information about PM2