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NSO Malta - Tourism Satellite Accounts 2010

NSO Malta just released a new publication  called ‘Tourism Satellite Accounts  2010’. The salient points drawn for the Maltese Islands show that, in 2010

  • inbound overnight visitors accounted for 98.8% of the total inbound visitor expenditure (cruise passengers accounted for the rest of the expenditure)
  • domestic tourism in Malta accounted for 9.8% of total internal tourism expenditure
  • food and beverages serving services, air and water passenger transport services and accommodation services accounted for over two thirds of total internal tourism consumption
  • total internal tourism consumption (inbound and domestic tourism consumption) accounted for 5.8% of the total supply in the economy, one of the highest rates recorded in the EU
  • the consumption by visitors from domestically produced gross output stood at 7.0%, but after deducting intermediate consumption (to derive the Tourism direct Gross Value Added or net output) the percentage goes down to 5.7%
  • Tourism direct Gross Domestic Product, which adds taxes on products gathered from goods and services consumed by tourists to the Tourism direct Gross Value Added, stood at 6.1%
  • ​jobs (employed and self-employed) supported directly by tourism amounted to 17,086


For further information:

NSO Malta Tourism Satellite Accounts 2010

ESS website content manager Jesmond GALEA