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null Main conclusion of the 22nd ESAC meeting

ESAC meeting on 29 January 2016 focussed on strategic discussion about the annual work programme 2017 and the extension of the European statistical programme 2018-20. Formal opinions on these issues are being prepared. Moreover, ESAC is preparing two events for 2016:


  • 20 – 21 October 2016: Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders in Budapest brings together European methodologists, producers, and users of statistics. Call for papers and further details about the event.
  • 10 May 2016: Workshop in the Hague on indicators will reflect and advise about different approaches and processes for constructing, using and communicating indicators from a European users' perspective. The workshop participation is by invitation only.

ESAC also welcomed four new members who started their 5-year term in January 2016: David Hand (absent), Claudiu Herteliu, Ariane König and Biruta Sloka.

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