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Call for applications - Expert group on Business-to-Government data sharing

Call for applications for an expert group on Business-to-Government data sharing

The Commission is setting up an Expert Group on access to and re-use of private sector data for public interest purposes, bringing together independent experts to discuss business-to-government (B2G) data-sharing principles and to provide advice on future policy and funding initiatives.

Public sector bodies need to modernise their functioning by taking advantage of new data sources in order to become more data-driven and cost-efficient. Some have begun assessing data analytics to guide policy decisions or improve public services. Data held by companies such as telecoms operators, online platforms, car manufacturers, retailers or social media is highly relevant in this context. Its use can lead to a more targeted response to epidemics, better urban planning, improved road safety and traffic management, better environmental protection, market monitoring or consumer protection.

The Commission outlined governing principles for B2G data sharing in its Communication ‘Towards a common European data space’ of 25 April 2018. These principles are accompanied by Guidance on private sector data sharing which details practical and legal considerations. In this guidance document, the Commission committed to setting up an Expert Group on B2G data sharing to bring the policy forward.

The Expert Group’s tasks shall be to:

1.identify good practices on B2G data sharing in order to contribute to more efficient and better public service delivery and/or more reliable and evidence-based policymaking;

2.assess the legal, economic and technical obstacles preventing B2G data sharing, and advise on actions to promote B2G data sharing for public interest purposes;

3.give recommendations to the Commission on how to further develop its B2G data sharing policy.

The deadline for applications is 28 September 2018.

The first meeting of the Expert Group is expected to take place in November 2018.


For further information:

Read more about the call and how to apply here Call for applications for an expert group on Business-to-Government data sharing