Introduction - ESGAB

About us

The purpose of the ESGAB is to provide an independent overview of the European Statistical System as regards the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice.

The ESGAB has been established to enhance the professional independence, integrity and accountability of the European Statistical System, key elements of the Code of Practice, as well as to enhance the quality of European statistics.

The ESGAB's tasks will be to prepare an annual report to the European Parliament and the Council on the implementation of the Code of Practice insofar as it relates to the Commission (Eurostat).


The ESGAB will moreover advise the Commission (Eurostat) on appropriate measures to facilitate the implementation of the Code of Practice, on how to communicate the Code of Practice to users and data providers and on the updating of the Code of Practice.


Finally, the ESGAB may provide advice also regarding questions related to user confidence in European statistics.