Equality (age, gender and disability) — Overview


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This section provides statistics on three aspects of the broad topic of equality: equality between women and men, also referred to as gender equality; between the young and old, referred to as age equality; and disability equality covering important topics for persons with disabilities (employment, education, quality of life, participation) and which reflect their situation as regards the enjoyment of the same rights and opportunities as people without a disability.

Data come from different data collections available at Eurostat. For more information on these, please see the page 'Methodology' in this section. 

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Explore the life of women and men

Our interactive publication ‘The life of women and men in Europe’ offers you a wealth of information on different aspects of our lives, such as education, work and social habits. 

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Read about the gender pay gap

You are not a ‘data-type’ person, but want to know more about these statistics? Then this article in ‘Statistics Explained’ is for you!

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Discover key figures on disability statistics

Have a look at this article in ‘Statistics Explained’ to know more on the situation of people with disabilities in the EU.

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European Institute for Gender Equality

Have a look at the website of EIGE which provides a wide range of information on gender equality, including a gender statistics database. 


Gender equality

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Age discrimination

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Persons with disabilities

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