Main Tables

Tables display a selection of predefined tables, extracted from Eurostat's database. They present the most important data in a user-friendly way as tables, graphs or maps (TGM). The TGM interface is accessed by clicking on the icon. Explanatory texts (metadata) can also be accessed by clicking on the icon in the data navigation tree at Eurostat's database.

In the thematic area of natural resources, there are three key entry points to tables embedded in Eurostat's database:

1.  Europe 2020 indicators - resource efficiency indicators

The resource efficiency scoreboard presents indicators covering themes and sub-themes of the roadmap to a resource efficient Europe. The resource efficiency roadmap is a part of the flagship initiative of the Europe 2020 strategy.

2.  Europe 2020 indicators - EU headline indicators

The Europe 2020 strategy is based on five EU headline targets. Two of the headline targets "research and development" and "climate change and energy" include tables referring to the thematic field of natural resources.

3. Sustainable Development Indicators

The Sustainable Development Indicators are used to monitor the EU sustainable development strategy. They are presented in 17 goals. Several themes cover or touch the topics of natural resources like "Zero hunger", "Sustainable cities and communities", "Responsible consumption and production", "Climate action" and "Life on land".