Regular statistics on the production of waste by businesses and private households and its management are needed to monitor implementation of the waste policy within the European Union.

These data  are collected from EU Member States, EEA/EFTA countries and enlargement countries every two years on the basis of the Regulation on waste statistics (2150/2002/EC) and published in line with common methodological recommendations. Moreover, a number of EU Directives have introduced 'producer responsibility' measures – on packaging waste, end-of-life vehicles, batteries and waste electrical and electronic equipment, for example. Data on these waste streams are required to monitor compliance of EU Member States with the targets set out in the Directives. Eurostat also collects data on municipal waste generation and management, and on the transboundary shipment of waste.

Eurostat's role is to provide easy access to the relevant data for citizens and policy makers. To process and disseminate these data in the most effective way, Eurostat has set up a dedicated website on waste which provides also links to other European Commission services relevant in the context of waste statistics. The aim is to supply the information needed for EU environmental policies and to use the available institutional resources as effectively as possible.

For waste data and indicators, and for related information on the legislative framework, methodologies and publications, please consult the dedicated website on waste.