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Environmental sector

Environmental goods and services prevent, reduce or eliminate pollution and any other form of environmental degradation and help to conserve the stock of natural resources.

Statistics on the environmental goods and services sector provide data on:

  • output of the sector measured in monetary values
  • gross value added and employment related to the output produced
  • exports of the relevant products.

The data are broken down by type of:

  • economic activity of the producer (e.g. agriculture, manufacturing, construction)
  • environmental area, according to: (i) the Classification of Environmental Protection Activities (CEPA 2000; e.g. air and climate protection, wastewater and waste management, protection of biodiversity and landscapes)  and (ii) the Classification of Resource Management Activities (CReMA; e.g. management of forests, energy resources, minerals).

Since 2017, the environmental goods and services sector accounts have been reported to Eurostat under Regulation (EU) 691/2011.

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