Environmental goods and services sector

The purpose of environmental goods and services is to prevent, reduce and eliminate pollution and any other form of environmental degradation (environmental protection - EP) and to conserve and maintain the stock of natural resources, hence safeguarding against depletion (resource management - RM).

Statistics on the environmental goods and services sector present:

  • data on the producers' output of these products measured in monetary values
  • the gross value added
  • and the employment linked with this production.

The data are broken down by:

  • economic activity
  • environmental protection class (e.g. for wastewater management, waste management, protection of biodiversity and landscapes) in line with the Classification of Environmental Protection Activities (CEPA 2000)
  • resource management class (e.g. water management, energy resource management) in line with the Classification of Resource Management Activities (CReMA).

The country-level data are from voluntary data collections. Some countries are not yet able to report data and there is a difference from country to country in terms of years and types of economic activities and environmental domains covered. Data at EU level have been compiled using a data integration approach that combines existing data at EU country level available in various other Eurostat data collections (mainly national accounts, environmental expenditure statistics, agricultural and energy statistics) and other international and national sources.