Visualisations - Energy


Energy balances made easy

This interactive tool allows you to easily visualise energy balances, see how much energy is imported or produced, find out sectors where the energy is consumed and check out different energy sources. You can customise your table and charts by choosing the fuel, country, year, unit and compare your country with others.

Interactive tool: Energy balances

Energy indicators made easy

This interactive tool presents a dashboard for energy statistics and indicators.

Interactive tool: Energy dashboard

Monthly energy data made easy

This interactive tool helps you to obtain an overview of seasonal energy trends in Europe or your country.

Interactive tool: Monthly energy data

Sankey diagram - Visualise energy flows

With this interactive tool, you can easily visualise energy data through flow diagrams (Sankey diagrams). It also allows you to customise your own diagram.

Interactive tool: Energy flow diagrams (Sankey)

Visualise energy prices

You rather want to know more about energy prices? Then use this interactive tool and customise your own diagram!

Interactive tool: Energy prices

Discover the world of energy trade

With this interactive tool you can easily discover who are the main trading partners of your country and visualise the trade flows in different ways.

Interactive tool: Energy trade

Shed light on energy in the EU - Interactive publication on energy

Take a guided tour with our user-friendly interactive publication and explore energy statistics through easy texts, visualisations and videos.

Interactive publication: Shedding light on energy in the EU

Energy scenarios - Explore the future of European energy

Visualise energy scenarios with an interactive tool

Explore historical and future energy use with the JRC interactive tool. For each scenario, it visualises the energy use of different sectors. Explore these sectors to see how much energy is consumed in the industry, buildings and transport sector.

The aim of this tool is to explain how energy is produced and used in the EU, today and in the future. The tool helps to understand the magnitude and speed of the projected changes, in other words, to understand the energy transition.

European Statistical Recovery Dashboard

Video: from source to switch