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The importance of energy statistics

Lighting, heating, transport, industry: energy is vital to run our essential day-to-day services and businesses. We take it for granted that we can switch on our computers and start our cars, yet these simple actions are the final stages of a complex process. For more information, watch our short video explaining how electricity is produced. 

Statistics can help to make the complex processes of the energy we use more understandable and can help us to answer questions such as:


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Discover the world of energy trade

With this interactive tool you can easily discover who are the main trading partners of your country and visualise the trade flows in different ways.

Digital publication on energy

Shed light on energy in the EU

Take a guided tour with our user-friendly digital publication and explore energy statistics through easy texts, visualisations and videos.

Sankey diagram

Visualise energy flows

With this interactive tool, you can easily visualise energy data through flow diagrams (Sankey diagrams). It also allows you to customise your own diagram.

Image bar chart

Visualise energy prices

You rather want to know more about energy prices? Then use this interactive tool and customise your own diagram!

Energy statistics leaflet

Lost in energy statistics?

Eurostat provides information on a broad range of topics such as energy prices, energy dependence, energy savings, infrastructure, renewable energies,...

Get a glimpse of all our available energy statistics and where to find them.

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Energy balances - © European Union

Energy balances

The energy balance allows to see the relative importance of the different fuels in their contribution to the economy.

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Energy from renewable sources

How much of the energy in your country comes from renewables? Find out more with our 'SHARES' tool.

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Monthly data on energy

Eurostat publishes monthly energy data on supply and to a limited extent consumption of various fuels in an Excel file.