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Education and training statistics provide information on the participation of individuals in education and training activities, education financing and teaching staff as well as on outcomes of education.

Education and training statistics cover the following aspects:

  • Participation in education and training:
    • Pupils and students - enrolments 
    • Pupils and students - entrants
    • Adult learning
    • Continuing vocational training in enterprises
  • Learning mobility:
    • Mobile students from abroad
    • Degree mobile graduates from abroad
    • Credit mobile graduates
  • Education personnel:
    • Teachers and academic staff
    • Distribution of teachers and academic staff
  • Education finance:
    • Expenditure on education
    • Expenditure of/on public and private educational institutions
    • Financial aid to students
    • Funding of education
    • Funding of vocational education
  • Education and training outcomes:
    • Graduates
    • Educational attainment level
    • Transition from education to work
      • Young people by educational and labour status (incl. neither in employment nor in education and training - NEET)
      • Early leavers from education and training
      • Labour status of young people by years since completion of highest level of education (incl. employment rates of recent graduates)
    • Underachieving 15-year-old students (PISA survey)
  • Languages:
    • Language learning
    • Self-reported language skills
  • Education administrative data until 2012 (ISCED 1997)
  • Past series (2003 ad-hoc module on lifelong learning, 1999 data on continuing vocational training in enterprises)

The main classification used in education and training statistics is the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED), developed by UNESCO. Education systems vary across countries and the ISCED provides internationally agreed definitions for the classification of education programmes which are essential for the production of comparable statistics.