CPA 2008 - Statistical Classification of Products by Activity

In 2002, a major revision of the Classification of Products by Activity (CPA) was launched. The Regulation establishing CPA 2008 was adopted in April 2008. While some of the rules for the application of the CPA have changed and the explanatory notes have been reviewed, the overall characteristics of the CPA remain unchanged.

New concepts, such as originals and intellectual property products have been introduced, and further detail has been added to reflect new products and emerging services. Simultaneously, efforts have been made to maintain the structure of the classification in all areas that do not explicitly require change based on new concepts.

The detail has substantially increased, from 2.608 to 3.142 subcategories. For services this increase is visible at all levels, while for other activities, such as agriculture, the increase in detail primarily affected the lower level of the classification.

General information

Since CPA 2008 is more detailed than CPA 2002 but the coding system remains the same, identical codes can be used in both versions of CPA but with different content, i.e. corresponding to different sections, divisions, groups, classes, categories and subcategories.


Correspondence tables