Specific indicators

Specific indicators measure the annual evolution of remuneration for the 12 months to 1 July, for national civil servants working in the central public administration in their country, for EU Member States.

In accordance with the parallelism principle, the average movement for a defined sample of countries is used to set the annual adjustment for international officials working for the EU.


Information is compiled from the following sources :

  • Country specific indicator forecast: situation as known at January, extrapolated until 1 July;
  • Country specific indicator standard remuneration questionnaire: situation at 1 July (detailed staff numbers, detailed gross remuneration, detailed net remuneration, complementary explanations);
  • Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices for 12 months to 1 July;
  • GDP in PPS (to weight individual country indicators to produce EU average).

Control indicators are taken from the Eurostat free data tables.

A detailed methodology manual has been adopted by the Working Group on Articles 64 & 65.

Additional information is available from individual country manuals.