Family budget surveys

This article describes the FBS which are organised by Eurostat amongst staff of international organisations in various duty stations in the European Union Member States.

These surveys are done in the context of the wider work done to compare the relative cost of living of international civil servants between their place of employment and that of Brussels, the reference city.

These surveys are organised at intervals of 5-7 years and participation is voluntary. However it is very important that staff take the time to provide accurate answers to the questions about their consumption habits, as the results will have a direct impact on the calculation of correction coefficients.


The following table summarises the source of expenditure weights used to calculate CC at July 2018 :

Duty station for which CC is established Current source
BE-Brussels 2009 & 2010 Eurostat-IOS FBS
DE-Berlin 2011 & 2013 Eurostat-ISRP FBS
DE-Bonn 2011 & 2013 Eurostat-ISRP FBS
DE-Munich 2011 & 2013 Eurostat-ISRP FBS
DE-Karlsruhe 2011 & 2013 Eurostat-ISRP FBS
EL-Athens 2016 Eurostat-ISRP FBS covering various locations in the country
ES-Madrid 2016 Eurostat-ISRP FBS covering various locations in the country
FR-Paris 2011 & 2013 Eurostat-ISRP FBS
HU-Budapest 2017 Eurostat FBS
IE-Dublin 2007 Eurostat FBS
(2011 Eurostat FBS insufficient replies)
IT-Rome 2016 Eurostat-ISRP FBS
IT-Varese 2016 Eurostat-ISRP FBS
MT-Valetta 2017 Eurostat FBS
NL-Den Haag 2011 & 2013 Eurostat-ISRP FBS
PL-Warsaw 2017 Eurostat FBS
PT-Lisbon 2016 Eurostat FBS
FI-Helsinki 2017 Eurostat FBS
UK-London 2011 Eurostat FBS
UK-Culham 2006 European Pool
AT-Vienna 2016 Eurostat FBS
BG-Sofia, CY-Nicosia, RO-Bucarest

2016-2017 Eurostat FBS - Pool BG, CY, RO

CZ-Prague, SK-Bratislava 2017 Eurostat FBS - Pool CZ, SK
DK-Copenhagen, SE-Stockholm 2017 Eurostat FBS - Pool DK,SE
EE-Tallinn, LT-Vilnius, LV-Riga 2017 Eurostat FBS - Pool EE, LT, LV
HR-Zagreb, SI-Ljubljana 2017 Eurostat FBS - Pool HR, SI
Pensioners EU28 2013 Eurostat FBS - Pensioners
Extra-EU duty stations 2010 global pool


Recent, ongoing and planned FBS : 

Year Country coverage
2016 BG, HR, EL, ES, IT, AT, PT
2017 CZ, DK, EE, CY, LV, LT, HU, MT, PL, RO, SI, SK, FI, SE, BE
2018 FR, IE, NL (FR, NL to be relaunched in 2019)
2019 DE
2020 Extra EU



During 2015 and 2016, a harmonised questionnaire has been developed by Eurostat, the United Nations International Civil Service Commission and the International Service on Remuneration and Prices of the Coordinated Organisations.

Staff of the following organisations are invited to participate in the FBS:

  • EU institutions and EU agencies (COMM, PARL, CONS, ECJ, ECA, EIB, ECB, etc)
  • Organisations with linked terms and conditions of employment (European Schools, EuroControl, European Patent Office, European Southern Observatory, etc)
  • Coordinated Organisations (OECD, NATO, CoE, ESA, ECMWF, EUMETSAT)
  • United Nations
  • Other international organisations (eg. EFTA, CERN, etc)
  • Member State diplomatic embassies and consulates


If there is an insufficient number of replies to enable a robust statistic to be established, an average ‘pool‘ weighting structure is applied instead.

Prior to 2009, ‘pool’ weights were established by combining the information for all those duty station which had supplied data. With effect from 2009, ‘pool’ weights are established by combining only those replies for duty stations where the number of replies is insufficient.

A particular adjustment is made for housing expenditure to reflect the importance of this item in the consumption basket.


Link to the Family Budget Survey (Example Survey) :