Context - Agriculture

agri-environmental indicators: Context

The agri-environmental indicators serve to:

  • provide information on the farmed environment;
  • track the impact of agriculture on the environment;
  • assess the impact of agricultural and environmental policies on environmental management of farms;
  • inform agricultural and environmental policy decisions;
  • illustrate agri-environmental relationships to the broader public.

The level of development of these indicators differs. Some are already operational, their concepts and measurement are well-defined and data are available at national and, where appropriate, at regional level. Other indicators are well-defined but they lack regional or harmonised data or their modelling approaches are weak. There are also indicators that still need substantial improvements in order to become fully operational. Therefore, not all indicators can be disseminated.

The implementation of the CAP 2014-2020 will be measured against a set of indicators that covers all policy areas and provides information at various levels. Some agri-environmental indicators are included in the CAP indicator set.