Tutorial:Wikitext New look

This page contains a tutorial on the wikitext used in the Statistics Explained articles with the 'new look'

Tags for graphs, vislet

  • Put graphs and figures beside each other

<imginline>[[Image:Average_annual_concentrations_of_Atrazine_in_some_European_rivers,_(µgl),_2006-2009,_BE,_FR,_LT_and_UK.png|thumb|none|350px|Fig no, title, source etc]] [[Image:Average_annual_concentrations_of_Atrazine_in_some_European_rivers,_(µgl),_2006-2009,_BE,_FR,_LT_and_UK.png|thumb|none|350px|Fig no, title, source etc]]</imginline>

Another possibility

<gallery widths="400px" heights="400px" > Image:LUCAS - Land cover update.png|'''LUCAS - Land cover''' Image:LUCAS-Land use.PNG|'''LUCAS - Land use''' </gallery>

see LUCAS - Land use and land cover survey

  • for larger and centred vislet

<vislet src="http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cache/SMARTMAPS/en/SMap_t2020_10.html" center="true" width="500" frameborder="0" caption="Map 1: Employment rates<br> '''Click on the map for an interactive view of the data.'''" wwidth="1200px" wheight="650px"><thumb src="Employment ratesV2.PNG"></thumb></vislet>
<vislet src="https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cache/infographs/cofog" center="true" width="500" frameborder="0" caption="'''Click on the map for an interactive view of the data.'''" wwidth="1200px" wheight="650px"><thumb src="Government expenditure in the EU-03.png"></thumb></vislet>

Size of vislet can be changed by entering a new value under width

Tags for inserting image with video

[[File:Stats4beginners_Population_Video_2.jpg|center|thumb|500px|link=https://youtu.be/217649mIGEc|'''Watch the video explaining the population change''']]

Example: Beginners:population

Tags for embedding infographics

Use the following tags:

<embedgraph src="https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cache/infographs/asylum_q2_2018/" height="775px" width="768px" center="true"> </embedgraph>

For the URL, use the "Embed this visualisation" icon from the source infographic

Embed icon.PNG


Asylum quarterly report

Two graphs side by side

<gallery widths="400px" heights="400px" > Image:Healthcare personnel in the EU.jpg|'''Healthcare personnel in the EU''' Image:Self-perceived health 2015.jpg|'''Self-perceived health''' </gallery>


SDG 1 - No poverty

Tags for no "Highlight" section

All the tags for the new look page can be found here : New look tags

  • For articles without a 'Highlight' section (background art. mostly)

<highlight title=false>

Example: Integrated government finance statistics presentation

Dynamic chart - tips for preparing excel files

  • Do not use an apostrophe in the excel file name; also applies for &.
  • Do not use an apostrophe in the title of the chart; also applies for &.
  • If you use a tab separator (eg blank space for thousands), it can lead to data not being included in the graph.
  • After updating/re-uploading a dynamic chart - if values do not change accordingly (both when logged in and logged out), try using the "clear cache" option.

Dynamic chart - ascending order

Dynamic charts are automatically sorted in descending order.

To create a dynamic chart in ascending order, insert the parameters in the excel file:

Heading: Parameters

Data column: sortOrder

Values column: asc

Ascending order parameters.png

Article - Agri-environmental indicator - consumption of pesticides
Excel file - File:Agri-environmental indicator - consumption of pesticides.xlsx

Tags for inserting coloured text boxes

<div class="alert alert-th2"> Text </div>

Theme number should be changed accordingly

Example: Intra-EU - most traded goods

Tweets and subscript

If the closing tweet tag </tweet> is not on the same line as the sentence it distorts the subscript (makes it superscript).

See: Greenhouse gas emission statistics - carbon footprints

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