Tutorial:Topics and Units

Below is the list of statistical topics covered in Statistics Explained. Each topic is the responsability of a Eurostat Unit (but one Unit may cover several topics). All articles and thematic glossaries in Statistics Explained are assigned to one topic and consequently to one Unit. Clicking on the Unit next to a topic in the list below provides an overview of all Statistics Explained articles and glossaries that Unit is responsible for.

Topic Unit
X_Administrative_statistics Unit C3
X_Agri-environment Unit E1
X_Agriculture Unit E1
X_Archive Unit B4
X_Balance_of_payments Unit C5
X_Business_registers Unit G3
X_Classifications Unit B5
X_Consumer_prices Unit C4
X_Crime Unit F4
X_Culture Unit F1
X_Digital_economy_and_society Unit G4
X_Disability Unit F4
X_Dissemination Unit B4
X_Education Unit F5
X_Education_admin Unit F5
X_Education_surveys Unit F3
X_EHIS Unit F4
X_Energy Unit E5
X_Environment Unit E2
X_Environmental_accounts Unit E2
X_External_relations Unit B3
X_Farms_land Unit E1
X_Financial_indicators Unit C2
X_Fisheries Unit E1
X_Foreign_direct_investment Unit G6
X_Forestry Unit E2
X_GIS Unit E4
X_Globalisation Unit G6
X_Government_accounts Unit D1
X_Health Unit F5
X_Health_source_SILC Unit F4
X_Information_society Unit G4
X_Input_output Unit C5
X_International_statistical_cooperation Unit B3
X_International_trade_goods Unit G5
X_International_trade_methodology Unit G5
X_International_trade_services Unit G6
X_Labour_market Unit F3
X_Land_use_and_cover Unit E4
X_Living_conditions Unit F4
X_Maritime_policy Unit E4
X_MIP Unit C1
X_Modernisation_of_social_statistics Unit F1
X_National_accounts Unit C2
X_National_accounts_methods Unit C1
X_Population Unit F2
X_Policy_indicators Unit E2
X_Public_finance Unit D1
X_Purchasing_power_parities Unit C4
X_Quality_of_life Unit F1
X_Regions Unit E4
X_Rural_development Unit E4
X_Science Unit G4
X_Sector_accounts Unit C2
X_Short-term_statistics Unit G3
X_Social_protection Unit F5
X_Social_statistics Unit F1
X_Sport Unit F1
X_Structural_business_statistics Unit G2
X_Structural_business_statistics_methodology Unit G1
X_Sustainable_development_indicators Unit E2
X_Tourism Unit G2
X_Translation Unit B4
X_Transport Unit E3
X_Urban_audit Unit E4
X_Youth Unit F1

Below are additional topics linked to non-English glossaries owned (sometimes jointly) by national statistical institutes (NSIs). Clicking on the NSI(s) next to a topic in the list below provides an overview of the (overlapping) Statistics Explained glossaries that NSI is responsible for (all glossary items, however, are in the general 'Category:Glossary/xx').

Topic NSI
X_Glossary_el NSI CY&EL
X_Glossary_et NSI EE
X_Glossary_pl NSI PL
X_Glossary_se NSI SE

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